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What is Juice Plus+?

Busy lifestyles and the abundance of fast food lead many to ask: “How do I get more fruits and vegetables in my diet?” Juice Plus+ adds the nutrition of 30 fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet.

This 12 minute version of the video tells you almost everything you'd like to know about Juice Plus+. You'll hear from leading health professionals and learn what a number of published clinical research studies have to say about it.

Juice Plus+ Orchard & Garden Blend 20 FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND GRAINS

Juice Plus+ Orchard and Garden blends contain 20 nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables in the form of juice powder, available in both capsule and chewable forms.

Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden Blend & Vineyard Blend  30 FRUITS, VEGETABLES, BERRIES, AND GRAINS

For an additional boost, our Vineyard Blend, in conjunction with our Orchard and Garden blends, adds nutrients from nine berries, giving you a variety of 30 fruits, vegetables and grains.

Listen to Tracy's Juice Plus+ story


  • “ I have not had any colds despite being surrounded at home and work with others who had Upper Respiratory Infections, and I feel fantastic! My lab results are fantastic too! The biggest change in my lab work was in the cholesterol area. I had an overall decrease in total cholesterol and improvement significantly in the LDLs and HDLs. I believe in the product! ”

    Serena G.
  • “ Why I started using Juice Plus had nothing to do with having any health issues or needing to lose weight. I have no real amazing story of radical changes that occurred after having taken it. I'm an active, healthy, 42 yr old personal trainer, wife, and mother. The reason I started taking Juice Plus is because I know the importance of eating right and getting the recommended amounts and variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. I also know that's not always easy with a busy schedule. Juice Plus helps my family and I meet that recommended amount, combined with the already healthy food choices we make. I have noticed, that my children and I are rarely sick and if we do get sick its not for very long. Being a personal trainer, Juice Plus is something I refer to my clients and friends, because I know how important it is to take care of your body and supply it with proper nutrients. ”

    Rachelle H.
  • “After using Juice Plus for two months, Jerry and I have some wonderful results to share. We have more energy. We have been able to put together a garden, clean off some of our property, painted, pressure wash, and list could go on. The other day while riding in the car, Jerry said "you know my short term memory is better" and I agreed. I have also noticed that he hasn't been wanting to nap as much during the day. That is huge to me !!!!!
    I was getting very concerned about his sleeping all the time. Thank you for sharing Juice Plus with us!!!”
    Jerry and Carol W.
  • “ Our daughter Emmalee, who is a champion and has struggled with many medical diagnosis, including hypotonic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. These challenges have affected her in every way! 
    About a year and a half ago, our daughter Emmalee was suffering from multiple seizures that lasted anywhere from 1 minute to 3 or 4 minutes. These seizures occurred every day. It was devastating to watch and all we could do was hold her through those tough times and pray that we could find a solution. We have tried multiple medicines, that would help for a while but then the seizures would come back over time. Due to the seizures, Emmalee's endurance was minimal, which affected her development physically. She was only able to withstand 30 minutes of activity at a time before needing a nap or a break. This affected her therapies, as well as her learning time. 
    So we did a little more research on how nutrition affect seizures. We were informed about Juice Plus and how it is all natural and provides nutrition that our diets don't always include. My daughter is unable to chew and eat well, so we have to feed her a mechanical diet of varying textures, therefore this limits her intake of certain foods. In learning about Juice Plus, it was a great way to ensure that she receives the nutrition that she needs, but also she was able to ingest it. So, we did a trial for about 2 weeks of the fruits and veggies. We would take a capsule of each and break it open in some apple sauce and feed it to her. Immediately, we noticed a difference in her endurance level. Her physical therapist noticed how she was able to do so much more and asked what did you change? I explained about how we are trying Juice Plus and what is was. She said she needed to get all of her kids on it! This opened my eyes to really begin to notice the benefits of one little change. After two weeks, we decided to place our first order and included the berries, which I know is great for reducing inflammation but also very good for brain development! So after adding this we did begin to notice some change in Emmalee's seizures. They decreased drastically! This was exciting! But I didn't want to put all of my hope in this, only because we have seen improvements before and to only be disappointed within time. So we continued giving her the three capsules each day and we can't argue with the results! Emmalee has built up her endurance, she can now physically work in her therapies for a couple of hours straight, and she actually loves accomplishing the tough stuff! She is known at the therapy center as an "odd ball", because she thrives to do hard work and actually enjoys it when she is told she is "Super Girl!" This is all due to her strength and ability, which would have never been gained if it weren't for her endurance level being increased. This is all due to proper nutrition.
    Over time, Emmalee's seizures have stabilized for about a year now, they still occur daily, but instead of 1-4 minutes they are literally seconds! Her recovery time following the seizures has also improved! She used to be "knocked out" tired and would fall asleep for hours. Now, she bounces right back, only sometimes needing a 10-20 minute cat nap! This has helped improve her life greatly and our hearts can rest easier too! I'm grateful for what Juice Plus has done for Emmalee and I can't wait to see how she will continue to grow and strengthen - who knows what she will be able to conquer over time, she is "Super Girl", after all! ”
    Tina C..
  • “Wow! I was missing eyelashes in certain spots especially on the bottom lid that are filled now. I went to put on mascara this morning and I swear I noticed my eyelashes seem thicker and filled in where I was missing lashes before. I have no clue if it's juice plus or not but haven't worn eye makeup in a while and usually I have to curl my eyelashes like crazy before applying mascara but this time they seemed longer and fuller. Have you heard this before from any other juice plus consumers? And they seem thicker and longer! Crazy!”

    Brittani B.
  • “ The benefits my sons and I are experiencing after our first month using juice plus are very impressive.

    Prior to hearing about Juice Plus, we had started making better eating choices and cutting down on junk food snacking. I think that helped accelerate the effects that we are beginning to see at only 30 days in. 

    For my two pre-teen boys, they now have less muscle soreness after daily football practice and they are sleeping more soundly and are much more refreshed in the mornings. 

    I could practically fill a book with the improvements I'm experiencing already. Having had the worst cases of nodular acne for years, I no longer have the periodic breakouts and the clarity and texture/even tone of my skin is unlike it has ever been...huge improvement. I have a noticeable increase in energy and fall asleep very easily at night. I can also say

    I have quicker recovery after working out and a lot less muscle soreness. The most surprising thing is that my "sugar" cravings have decreased....almost non-existent. When I try to eat junk food I can actually taste the "chemicals" in the food. That is the best deterrent for me! I can definitely say that my body is changing for the better and is actually craving the best foods to satisfy it! 

    Overall, my expectations have been exceeded and I can't wait to see how much more we'll improve over time. 

    I thank you both for the continuing health education and for sharing this wonderful product with me. ”

    Shari R.
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